Appropriate attire is of paramount importance. Greys are reserved for Mondays and lavender is well suited to Wednesdays. However, regarding the matter of a top hat...I consider mine indispensable, even with pajamas.


Something peculiar begins to emerge as the Light shifts and flutters in the coquettish way she does. The familiar shuffling of tiny feet whisper almost imperceptibly as they retreat into the eosphere.  Diaphanous wings unfurl slowly in anticipation. I know what you're thinking.. is the spell about to be broken? Of course not dear, that's utterly impossible.


There once was a time when Glamour ruled the day, and owned the night. When gentlemen razzled and ladies dazzled. The champagne flowed freely and smoke lingered like wispy clouds under a ceiling of gilded stars.


Nighttime and the stage is set. Charleson or Fox Trot? It matters not.
If you’re feeling shy, a Martini is just the thing. Shake off your worries, the stars are watching. Let’s dance some more.


The doldrums are no place to dwell, it’s best to be off in a jiff. Put on your shoes, the ones meant for dancing, step into my ballroom and we’ll waltz the night away. There’s The White Lady, and here’s Miss M, meet Mr. Rush, he’s here on a whim. They’re all rather lonely and prone to attach so don’t linger too long dear, you may never leave.




Hubert was a spectacular dancer. His passion for disco was a love for the ages and his penchant for rollerskating was unparalleled. Particularly impressive if one considers this endeavour with not one, but four pairs of legs.


There is power in forgotten things. The gather their magic slowly and secretly because they are hidden from view. This is precisely why they endure.

An ode to nature in collaboration with collage artist Loraine Mohar.


Oh what tales might these walls share after a millennia! Do not be lulled by their imperfections or time worn crevices. Their potency remains undiminished, in fact dare we say time has made them wiser, so feel free to ask for guidance, they may know a thing or two about a thing or two.

Design elements hand painted by Fine Artist Hazel Lee Santino


Linger excessively in the olive groves, walk barefoot over smooth, earthen walkways. You will find you are not alone, walls might have ears…or eyes. Words could form out of thin air, simply out of their desire to name something. 

It’s the sort of place one might wish to inhabit more fully, because more is definitely more Dears. More is where jollity begins.

Design elements hand painted by Fine Artist Hazel Lee Santino


 Beauty is not to be rationed dearest, but to be amplified. Preferably on an absurd scale.


The Forget Me Not collection celebrates natural splendor in all forms, including the marvel that is decay.

A dark and infinite beauty exists in the space between worlds. An elegy that unfolds in uneven verses, each one more exceptional than the last. Do not feel uncertain about venturing into the shadows Dears, for it is here, that new wonders await.


Women have been bound together for centuries by persistence, partnership and purpose. That’s unlikely to change.

Design elements hand painted by Fine Artist Hazel Lee Santino


If one mixes Water and Earth sprites at a particular gathering, it’s safe to assume that nothing unsurmountable will go awry. However, be vigilant about commingling Fire and Air Dears, that kind of volatility may result in saturnalia at the very least.

Design elements hand painted by Fine Artist Hazel Lee Santino


Even in the most tranquil of gardens, one is being observed. The trick is to transmute this into guardianship, then Dears let your familiars do what they must.

Design elements hand painted by Fine Artist Hazel Lee Santino


I know a cat who prefers trousers to pantaloons. I’ve met an owl who is afraid of heights. I’ve dined with an alligator who is a sworn vegetarian, and encountered a mouse with a penchant for deep sea diving. Don’t look so surprised dears, rules don’t apply here.


Any house can be royal with its very own Coat Of Arms. The Duke of Devonshire wouldn’t approve but I never cared much for him anyway.