Abbie Moore Reiter | Abbie Moore Design

"I have had my “red book” for 25+ years. It’s a red notebook with pages and pages of ideas, thoughts and notes. It has grown with clippings and printouts from various magazines and websites and was used as the inspiration for most of the house while we were building and working on the interiors.

We moved from a beautiful square jewel box Victorian in suburban NJ to the Napa Valley. We knew we had to do something completely different housing wise, so we designed and built a somewhat California based mid century modern house. My one given caveat was that the pool had to be “skateboard-able”. Meaning my husband who still skates pools is able to empty it each winter (water supply allowing) to skate it with his friends and then it’s used with water in the summer to swim in.

Our previous dining room doubled as a “library”. We had high ceilings and the most magnificent chandelier (which was part of the 1904 house) over a large table surrounded by tons of books and memorabilia. I always thought books were a conversation starter, and we had quite a few loud and raucous dinner parties there.

When designing this room, I knew I wanted a bar with lots of shelves that could hold not only bottles and glasses but also BOOKS and interesting pieces. I also knew I wanted to use this paper. I found Vapour hunting though wallpaper posts on Pinterest and knew that it was THE ONE. The dining room has very large windows opening up to pastoral views, and the San Francisco bay, so it’s kind of a “match dissolve”- the fog and darkness mimicking each other in the room and outside at night.

Working with everyone at the company was delightful. My installer had some issues (all hers) and they were quickly addressed by Fine and Dandy, it was an absolute joy to watch it go up and come to life.

We have had many “Sunday Suppers” here already with various winemakers coming over to share wine and laughter. So far is’s been a wonderful room to eat, sip, share and laugh."



Adela Parra | Dining Room Remodel | Madrid, Spain

"If I could define my experience with F&D in one word, it is definitely “confidence”.

I live in Madrid, Spain, and I knew them through Instagram, when I saw their work I thought “this is what I want for my empty dining room wall”. In fact, I didn’t know exactly what to do with that wall, I was expecting a very special thing and I found it in F&D."



Anne De Wolf | Anne De Wolf Owner & Principal Designer, Arciform | Portland, Oregon

"I adore the romantic graphics. They are so beautiful. I feel I am being transported into another time or even world.

The color ways are perfection. Classic and trendy at the same time.

A lot of the patterns seem inspired by motives from 1880 through 1930 which is the time frame in architecture which Arciform specializes in. So to have wallpaper that seamlessly works with those styles is very fun for me.

I am a huge fan."


Brenton Mowforth | Home Owner with Sarah Kwan. And owner at @CheersToHappyHour | Los Angeles, CA

"The pandemic made it hard for us to go to all of our favourite cocktail bars so we wanted to create a home bar that would emulate these experiences. It is important that the guests we have over for cocktails are met with the same wonderful experience with an impressive space they won’t soon forget. Fine & Dandy Co made this goal very easily achievable from start to finish. From customization of the piece to delivery, all the way to setting us up with a reasonably priced installer, we were in good hands."



Denise Griffin

"I wanted a large multipurpose room in my home that is used both as a reading retreat and a playroom to feel magical for adults and children, alike. The hardest part was choosing which Fine and Dandy design we wanted to inhabit. Jill was wonderful at providing feedback and guidance and helped us make the perfect choice for our space. My pre-teen daughter recently commented that this is her favorite room in our home. I could not agree more. I am transported with each passing glance and constantly inspired. I even used the remnants to make myself a little shadow box to extend the design."

"I fell in love with Find & Dandy's whimsical Trianon mural and decided to use it in my boys' bedroom. Communicating with Jill was always incredibly efficient and easy. She provided me with two different design options to fit my size requirements and ensure just the right proportionality of the design. The paper is even more striking in person than it appears in photos. The paper is heavy and it feels like you can reach out and touch the texture in the brush strokes. I was so thrilled with the result that I promptly began planning my second Fine and Dandy installation for another room in my home."



Joanne Horwitz | Newport Beach, CA

"I am so blown away by Fine & Dandy. I have wanted to install wallpaper in my Dining Room forever, but just couldn’t find anything that “spoke” to me like this company did.

I then had another problem, there were so many divine options, it took me a while to decide.

They were so responsive, helpful & efficient.

I was thrilled with the installation and how it transformed my D/Room. into a magical, calming, space.

P.S. I then couldn’t resist and did my guest bathroom as well, which turned out beautifully.

Many thanks Fine & Dandy!"



Jewel Marlowe | Owner Jewel Marlowe LLC | West Virginia

"Fine and Dandy Wallcovering provided a glamorous foil to the more rustic table in this space. This was my first time using the Eco Friendly substrate, and I found it to be an incredible value for the price point. Both the scale and detail of the design looked spectacular in the dramatic dining room and we couldn't be happier."

"Fine and Dandy Wallcovering was the statement maker in this space. I find walking into this dining room to be a breath-taking experience each time I visit my client's home. If I didn't know better, I would assume that the walls were lined in silk, and I would HIGHLY recommend this wallcovering."





Jess Marchand | @jessicabmarchand

"It looks absolutely stunning. It took a lot of consultation with your great team to figure out the exact right coloration, but the fact that you were able to customize the mural to the right shade was incredible. I knew the mural would be huge, so I wanted a softer tone that wouldn’t make the room feel dark or heavy. I didn’t actually want to draw the eye to the mural, I just wanted it to provide a comforting background vibe. The mural we chose and the coloration totally pull the room together in the coziest way, which is difficult since the room is probably 1000 square feet with the kitchen. The mural is a great compliment to the view of nature we have on the other side of the room. It’s mysterious and woodsy and really incredible artwork. We will continue to furnish that wall with some cosy chairs and an armoire, but I almost hate to cover any of it up!"



Jordan Martin | Owner/Creative Director | Prince Edward County

“I had nine Fine and Dandy murals and foils installed at my historic boutique hotel in Prince Edward County, Merrill House. The aesthetic is a complete match with my own. Their work is art. It entirely transforms a space into something magical. I cannot count the number of impressed comments my guests have made about the way Fine and Dandy has helped to transform my hotel.”





Lena Choi | Home Entrance | Toronto, Canada | Photo: contentcontent:Design


Michell | Toronto, Ontario

"Everyone who comes to my home has enjoyed looking at these murals. They are always a topic of conversation. The spaces where I have used Fine&Dandy are warm and welcoming. They are a relief from the neutrals.

Fine&Dandy was the finishing touch for my rooms."



Nicky Kaplan | Houston, TX

"Nicky Kaplan Interiors has commissioned Fine and Dandy for numerous custom murals for their interior design projects. Our favorites have been a personalized motivational mural for a celebrity's home gym and a mural designed to be the focal point for a large event space for Live Nation.

Fine and Dandy's design team is exceptional. Their strong backgrounds in both art and advertisting allow them to create very unique stories on printed paper. They listen astutely and provide forward thinking designs to compliment your space. Their murals have not only enhanced but in many ways MADE my spaces. I look forward to collaborating with them on future projects."



Sally Smallwood | Toronto, Ontario

"We were looking for something to make our condo bedroom feel more spacious, stylish, and bring in an element of nature. Fine & Dandy's Imaginarium mural in Mystic ticked all the boxes and then some. When the installer called us to look at the finished mural, our jaws hit the carpet. It's hard to overstate the impact it has on the space. Shelley oversaw the project and gave us the perfect dimensions to accommodate our wall. So happy were we, in fact, that we had F&D's Vapour mural in Dusk installed in our living room shortly thereafter. Being indoors so much during the pandemic, I can say that we literally smile every morning upon waking as we gaze upon the splendour of these beautiful creations."



Suanne | Montreal, Quebec

"The inspiration came from an article about a hotel room in Paris that somehow hit me straight in the heart and I had to make it mine. The colour combinations, the patterns, the warmth...they spoke to me and I had to do it. So I found the fabrics and got the headboard made. Around the time I was getting ready to find the paint colour my family and I planned a little visit to Picton, Ontario and we stayed at The Merrill House. Your wallpapers filled the house, invaded my mind and I knew I had to find the source. I don’t know if you remember but the minute you showed me the PARADIS-Atelier-Orchid, it was mine!
I did this project on my own (it’s not hard when you have something you love in front of you). I was lucky to have a friend who is a decorator, she very kindly shared her wallpaper man and her upholstery company with me.

I look at the pictures and feel so happy and satisfied. I found inspiration and then made it my own and along the way I met these wonderful women and we totally connected. It was worth every penny! It all happened in the heart of Covid and it was bliss."