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Secrets and Layers
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A secret it is inherently alluring. It really doesn’t particularly matter who you are, knowing something that not everyone else knows is enticing, just ask the tabloid industry or TMZ. While the tawdry details of celebrity scandals, conspiracy theories and unsolved mysteries usually dwell on the darker side of the human experience, discovering an unexpected detail in a object or uncovering a hidden layer even in the most abstract place can be both thrilling and satisfying in equal measure.


Design provides a powerful platform to communicate on multiple levels. It transcends verbal language and allows for subjective interpretation. No two people will experience art or design in precisely the same way, that’s what makes it so magical. Your perception is entirely your own.


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Some of my favorite artists and designers manage to infuse their work with multiple, subtle layers that unfold, and reveal secrets that may not be obvious at first. It is this alchemical process that endlessly inspires me and challenges me to create work that pushes past the obvious, even if it’s just a little bit.